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Meet Our Leadership Team

Nothing great is ever achieved without tremendous leadership, which is why AWAKE Basketball is extremely proud of our Leadership Team.   The staff at AWAKE utilizes the method teach by “Experience Sharing”, as every leader has competed on the high school level, several boast successful Division I careers as well as having played professional basketball. There is no substitute for experience.    




AWAKE Basketball Co-Founder/Co-CEO





Houston, TX

Necessity can push you to uncover your potential and that is exactly how Brandon found his way to the basketball court. A good kid in a bad situation, impacted by poverty and homelessness Brandon found refuge in a traveling AAU basketball team.

Brandon would go on to earn a NCAA Division I scholarship to The University of San Diego (USD). There he would make his mark in history as the only Men's basketball player in the West Coast Conference ever to leave a school as the All-Time Leader in both scoring and assists. Brandon received numerous other accolades while at USD: Freshman All-American, 1st Team All-WCC, WCC Tournament MVP, WCC Player of the month.Years of commitment and hard work would finally pay off when Brandon was selected to compete in the NBA, playing for the Phoenix Suns Summer League and Pre-season with the Washington Wizards.

His time in the NBA was unexpectedly cut short due to being sentenced to serve 6 months in prison on March 1, 2013 for conspiracy to commit sports bribery, point-shaving during his final college season. Determined to not let one decision derail his dream, Brandon continued to trust his process and stayed committed to training throughout his entire court case and sentence. Prepared for his opportunity, Brandon would play professional basketball overseas for 8 years in Europe, South America and China.

By accepting accountability and turning his tests into his testimony, Brandon was able to establish himself as a Motivational Speaker and a Sports Betting Awareness Ambassador (SBAA), visiting Universities, Schools, and Organizations across the United States. In 2020, Brandon took an incredible leap of faith and launched his nonprofit organization called, ‘No Script’, formalizing his efforts regarding youth advocacy and life-skills education through his AWAKE (Actively Working Acquiring Knowledge Everyday) Program. With purpose in hand, Brandon is determined to utilize his journey to inspire others; life has “No Script”, but effort, perseverance, and faith turns commitment into visible success.


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